Board Of Directors


Chris Skabardonis,President

Chris Skabardonis has been in the restaurant business all of his life. He considers it an honor to serve as President of the Pan Gregorian of Connecticut Board of Directors. Chris knows the challenges that we all face in the restaurant industry, and looks forward to facing those challenges together, that is why he joined Pan Gregorian of Connecticut. Family is a blessing and Chris enjoys life with his wife and 3 children.


Nicholas Vlamis, Vice President

Nicholas Vlamis is a well-rounded forward thinking leader that also serves with a purpose. As an owner of a Bridgeport landmark for 30+ years Nicholas has groomed his leadership abilities by embracing the principles of ongoing learning. He’s also recognized as a leader amongst the very loyal workforce he’s built at Tomlinson’s, home of the “Top Dog” Winner of the CT Post contest for “Top Hot Dog”. Nicholas is an active member of his church and is serving on the Parish Council. He can be found at most parish events, serving selflessly. He serves on the Board for the Pan Gregorian of Connecticut and also on the board of the Pan Gregorian of America. Nicholas enjoys cycling, and is a dedicated husband and father to his three active children.


James Tzepos, Treasurer

James Tzepos is a role model for blending family and business, successfully! James is the owner of the famous Zois Pizza in Seymour. James and his wife are also proud parents of three children, and works hard at striking the balance between his family and business priorities.Showing His commitment to serving his own family and other families, James is a Board member of the Pan Gregorian of Connecticut, teaches Sunday school, and volunteers for his Church community, and has also been recognized at as the United Way Volunteer of the Year. James and his family reside in Oxford, CT.


Damon Anastisiou, Board Member

Damon Anastisiou is known for his hard work and integrity. In his early career, Damon was a high achieving sales rep before stepping into the restaurant business. For nearly 20 years now, he is a dedicated longtime partner of the Plaza Diner and member of the Pan Gregorian of Connecticut. He currently serves on the Board. Damon and his wife reside in Shelton, CT.


John Daoutis, Board Member

John Daoutis is an owner of the Athenian Diner, a well-known CT family of restaurants. John has worked every aspect and detail of the diner business for the last 30 years. He is most known for his work ethic. He’s a long time member of the Pan Gregorian of Connecticut and in the last several years has served on the Board. John is originally from Katerini, Greece. He currently resides in Woodbridge, CT with his wife and son.


Themi Kolitsas, Board Member

Themi Kolitsas might be caught in the act of helping others. Whether it’s within one of his soon to be restaurants, in his personal life or on the basketball court, Themi believes in assisting and serving others. He’s also been a member for 20 years and currently serves on the Board of the Pan Gregorian of CT. Following college, he worked for a bank and as a cook, until he built 3 successful businesses, soon to be four restaurants. Originally from Greece, Themi and his wife reside in Monroe with their two children.


Vasilios Kaloidis, Board Member

Vasilios Kaloidis is a successful owner of two restaurants in Connecticut. A strong leader with a keen business mind, he’s also known for his light hearted humor and engaging demeanor that people want to be around! He’s spent the last 15 years building his business as a member of Pan Gregorian of Connecticut. Vasilios currently serves on the Board, and is committed to supporting the Make a Wish Foundation. He and his wife reside in Middlebury, CT.


George Marnelakis, Board Member

George Marnelakis is a seasoned 40 year business owner that we can all learn from. Throughout his journey in the restaurant business, he’s knows there’s a few secrets to success at the Blue Colony: the recipe of keeping up with trends in food, combined with diner classics and outstanding service in an exceptionally clean facility. George, originally from Montreal, calls Connecticut home with his wife and three children. In his down time, George might be found fishing and hunting. He’s been a member for a decade, and currently serves on the Board of the Pan Gregorian of Connecticut.


George Tsioflikis, Board Member

George Tsioflikis is an energetic business leader within the four walls of his own businesses, and plays an active role in helping others be successful as well. George has been in the food business for more than 25 years and currently owns and operates four stores. He’s been recognized as a “Carvel Franchisee Of The Year”, and has served on the Carvel Franchise Advisory Board for 14 years, currently as President for 8 years running. George has been a member of the Pan Gregorian of Connecticut for 7 years, and has served on the Board for the last 5 years. Originally from Montreal, George resides in Watertown with his wife and two children. George loves spending time with family and friends, going on vacations and catching a football game.


Nick Vlastaris, Board Member

Nick Vlastaris is a leader in a true family business. You might find Nick or any one of his family members serving guests at a favorite local spot, Goodies, in Milford CT. For almost a decade Nick has enjoyed creating this landmark business and ensuring its growth. Nick is known for his work ethic. Nick has been a member of the Pan Gregorian of Connecticut for nearly 10 years, and currently serves on the Board. He and his wife two children and reside in Monroe CT.